• The Most Important On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

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    When you explore SEO, you will start to see some information that talks about "on-page" factors and "off-page" factors, and not only might this lead you to wonder what each one means, but it might also lead you to try to figure out what you can do to take advantage of this knowledge.

    First off, what do on-page and off-page ranking factors mean?

    To put it simply: On-page factors are the ones you control directly (that is, the ones that pertain to your website itself), whereas off-page factors are controlled by others.

    Now, it will be important that you have an understanding of both on-page and off-page factors, since each will influence your search engine ranking and your corresponding success, but as on-page ranking factors are the ones over which you have direct control, this is the area to which you should turn your attention first.

    The three most important on-page ranking factors (and the factors on which you should, of course, exert the most energy perfecting your approach!) are titles, content, and navigation & internal linking.

    All three factors are covered in more depth elsewhere on the site, but in brief, here are a few things you need to know about each:

    Always remember that search engines are not the only "eyes" that will see your titles; people who are conducting searches will see your titles as well, and your titles will need to appeal to people who are searching in order for you to get clicks!

    Because of all the emphasis SEO puts on keywords, many people end up writing in such an unnatural manner that no one comes near their site in the first place (no matter how many keywords are included!). The best rule to remember when it comes to content is to always write for humans, rather than for search engines!

    Navigation and internal linking: 
    Many people neglect the importance of these aspects on their website - giving search engines and users alike a muddled navigational path through their website as a result. Create a clear path through your website for search engines and users to follow, and you will move far ahead of all those websites that fail to take this step

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