• Benefts of Guest Blogging

    The Benefits of Guest Blogging

    You may have visited blogs before and noticed times when a post has been posted by a "guest blogger," instead of by the person who typically runs the site - and if you have noticed this before, you may have wondered why the person who runs the blog chose to employ a guest blogger.

    If you run a blog of your own, it will be highly beneficial for you to understand the value of guest blogging - as this will enable you to take advantage of the benefits of guest blogging yourself!

    Getting people to guest blog for you:

    One way to enjoy the benefits of guest blogging is to employ others to write guest blogs on your site. Some people choose to stay away from guest bloggers on their site - either because they feel that they should be responsible for all content on their site, or because they simply do not want to take the time to find someone who is willing to write a guest blog for them - but securing a guest blogger is well worth the risk of them authoring content on your site, and is certainly well worth the effort it takes to find someone willing to guest blog (especially since most people you approach will be thrilled by the opportunity to write a guest post!). The first benefit of securing a guest blogger is that they are likely to spread the link - on Twitter, on facebook, on their own blog, and on their website - after their contribution has been posted, and in so doing, they will bring a lot of new readers to your site. And in addition to bringing readers to your site who might never have come your way otherwise, all these links your guest blogger posts will also help to bump you up higher in search engine rankings - which, in the long run, will further increase the amount of Internet traffic that comes your way!

    Posting a guest blog on others' sites:

    And of course, there are great rewards you can reap from posting a guest blog on others' sites as well. Not only will you be able to link back to your own site (which, again, will boost your search engine rankings), but you will also be able to reach scores of new readers. After all, it is unlikely that the regular readers on your website and the regular readers on the website on which you are guest blogging overlap completely - which means there will be plenty of readers on this new site who would never have heard of you, and would never have visited your blog, if not for your guest post!

    Once you realize how beneficial it is to host guest bloggers on your site, and to post guest blogs on others' sites, you will certainly be willing to take the jump and begin looking for guest bloggers, and for guest blogging opportunities of your own!

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