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Convertkit Email

Having tried and tested a number of email autoresponders, I can safely say ConvertKit Email is my absolute favourite!

You can check it out over here: ==>
Excellent usability, powerful sequence and segmentation feature and an incredible support team.

The bench mark for any tool is its ease of use and Convertkit Email passes this with flying colours. It is inituitive that even a beginner will be up and running in 30min.

Plus they have Free 14 day trial period so it really is a no brainer for for trying out this auto responder.

But some Pros and Cons for you:

  • Simple and Intuitive Sequence Builder
  • Tag-based subscriber system
  • Has a graphical automations builder
  • Can create dynamic emails with merge tags
  • Alternative “rules” builder for basic automations
  • Ability to create various form types
  • Has a landing page builder 
  • Reporting for subscriber acquisition
  • Great support channels available

  • Very limited A/B testing functionality
  • Few customization options for forms and email templates
  • Reporting data is limited
Most importantly, ConvertKit Email has significantly higher delivery rates than the nearest competitors in this market - a clear favourite for ANY business who email their clients.
Go ahead and give it a try! ==>

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