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Making Money Social Media

Making Money Social Media

When you are working toward optimizing your website for search engines, it is easy to forget about some of the seemingly little things that actually make a big difference - and among these "seemingly little" things, one of the biggest is social media! As you build your website, keep in mind the fact that making money social media is absolutely part of search engine optimization!

One reason why social media is important to SEO is because of the backlinks that can be created quickly (and disseminated even more quickly!) through social media.

Another reason why making money social media is important to SEO is because, quite simply, it can help to get people to your site. A lot of the complicated aspects of SEO tend to cloud the fact that the greatest purpose of SEO is getting people to your website - and no matter what means you use to get people to your website, this is always a positive thing (firstly because a more popular site will be a more highly-ranked site, but secondly because - quite simply - traffic is as good as gold when it comes to your website!).

In order to make sure you are maximizing the impact you are having through social media, here are three things you can do.

1) Make it easy for others to share your site through social media. This can be achieved by simply adding widgets to your site that enable readers to share content from your site with a single click of the mouse!

2) Draw attention to social media sharing. You can do this on your site by including links within content that will enable people to share this content, by placing "share" widgets in a location that will catch the eyes of your readers, and by including text around these widgets, suggesting that readers share your content with others who will like it.

3) Create a strong social media presence yourself! With a facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google Plus account, and any other sort of social media account that will give you a means through which you can connect directly with your customers, you will do a lot to increase the reach of your website!

Making Money Social Media Training

If you would like to get to know more on this topic then I recommend this Free Social Media Webinar Training by Paul Omahony.  Paul is a personal mentor of mine and is an expert in this field. He personally has made tens of millions of dollars from Social Media so he knows his stuff.

So if you interested in Making Money Social Media then this Free Webinar is a great start for you!

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