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    How to Find the Best Buyer Keywords

    One of the best ways to optimize the monetary success of your website is to not only understand keywords, but to understand buyer keywords as well.

    Keywords, of course, are the words or phrases you incorporate into the content on your website in order to help you show up in search engine searches. But many people who are trying to make money with an affiliate site fail to understand buyer keywords, and because of this, they experience high traffic but very few sales.

    Buyer keywords work by targeting the keywords "buyers" are likely to use when searching online - rather than targeting the keywords people are likely to use when they are still researching.

    For instance, imagine that someone is wanting to purchase a massage chair. They may start out their search wondering whether it is worthwhile to spend their money on a massage chair, in which case they would likely search something such as "benefits of a massage chair." If you have optimized your content to show up in this search, you will probably be able to help the person make a decision to purchase a massage chair, as you give them all the benefits of owning one, but the person is unlikely to be a buyer quite yet - and in spite of all the help you have given them, you will get no monetary reward!

    The person in question may then search "massage chair reviews," or "best massage chairs." After they have perused a few more sites and gathered a bit more information, they will probably narrow their search even further. Perhaps they found that self-heating massage chairs work best, and they will now search "best self-heating massage chairs."

    At this point, the person is close to being a buyer - but they are not quite there yet! They will probably discover that "XYZ Self-Heating Massage Chair" is best, in their estimation, and will then search for "best deals on XYZ Self-Heating Massage Chair." At this point, the person is ready to whip out their credit card and buy - and that is when you want them to show up on your website! You can tell them where they will find the best deal, they will click on the affiliate link you provide, and both you and the buyer will be rewarded!

    When you are trying to land buyers on your site, here are a few keywords you will want to target:







    Low Priced

    Low Cost




    And of course, including specific brand names and model numbers is a great way to target buyers as well!

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