• How to Secure a Regular Guest Blogging Spot

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    If you are running a number of websites of your own (or even if you are just running one website of your own) - regardless of whether this website is in place in order to promote your business or in order to make you money directly - one of the best ways to increase your success is by guest blogging on someone else's site. After all, when you guest blog, you will be able to link back to your own site (or sites) - which will both increase your search engine ranking and introduce you to new readers who might not otherwise have come across you. But while the benefits of guest blogging are quite clear, one thing that is not quite as clear is what you should do in order to secure a regular guest blogging spot.

    Of course, there are plenty of tips and tricks available for securing guest blogging spots (some of which are more unusual than others!), but here are three steps anyone can take in order to secure an opportunity to regularly guest blog on someone else's site.

    1. Build your website: If you run a website that no one visits, and that no one comments on, you will have a much harder time securing a guest blogging opportunity on someone else's site. After all, one of the benefits for the person hosting you will be the fact that you will be sending new readers their way - and if you have no readers yourself, you will not exactly be able to do this! Before you begin focusing on securing guest blogging opportunities, you should first focus on building your own website so that it is packed with quality content and has a sizable readership of its own!

    2. Ask others to write guest blogs on your site: Once you have built your website to a point where it is an appealing place for guest bloggers to write, you will have no problem getting people to guest blog on your site - and when you approach them, asking them to contribute a guest blog, you can also express your willingness to write a guest blog in exchange. It will be rare indeed that someone will concede to write a guest blog for you, but will reject your offer to write a guest blog for them, which means you can use this approach to secure a few regular guest bloggers for your sites, and to secure a few regular guest blogging opportunities for yourself.

    3. Approach big sites: Approach sites that have a large online following, providing them with a guest blog that is already written. If you approach big websites with an offer to write a guest blog for them, they will likely decline, but if you send them a relevant and useful post that you have already written, they are far more likely to accept. Not only will this drive a lot more traffic to your site, but it will also open the door to regular guest blogging opportunities - either with this larger website, or with others who have read and enjoyed the guest post you contributed to this larger website.

    It is rare that you will be able to secure regular guest blogging opportunities immediately and effortlessly, but by taking these steps, you will soon reach that place where you are regularly guest blogging on others' sites, and where this is constantly boosting the traffic that comes your way!
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