• How to Make PPC Pay

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    As you begin to explore possibilities for advertising for your business, you will see the letters "PPC" popping up in various places. Most of the time, these letters will show up in such discussions as "the best ways to make PPC work for you," but before you can dive into an in-depth exploration such as this, you will first need to understand exactly what PPC is.

    "PPC" stands for "Pay Per Click," and it is one of the most prevalent (and cost-efficient!) forms of advertising in use today. Furthermore, when you understand how to use PPC correctly, it will be one of the most successful forms of advertising you can possibly tap into.

    Essentially, when you use PPC ads, you will place an ad on a particular website, but will only pay for that ad when someone clicks on it (hence the term, "Pay Per Click"). Because you are paying only for clicks - rather than paying for views - you will be narrowing down your ad budget in such a way that you only spend money when someone is actually interested in the product or service you are advertising!

    In order to optimize the success you experience with a PPC campaign, there are three specific things you will need to keep in mind.

    1. Know your target market.

    You will typically be able to customize, to a great degree, the sorts of people for whom your PPC ads show up. For instance, if you are wanting to advertise for a video game on facebook, you can set up a PPC campaign that targets males between the ages of 16 and 30 who have specific video games listed in their profile! On the other hand, if you are running a website on which you make money as an affiliate for a purse company, you can tailor your PPC ad so that it targets females between the ages of 20 and 40 who have an interest in fashion! When you know your target market, you will be able to ensure that your ad shows up for those who will be interested in your product.

    2. Target buyers.

    A lot of people successfully tailor their PPC ad so that it is seen by those within their target market, but they fail to construct the ad in such a way that they are specifically targeting buyers. Realize that some people are likely to click on the link (which will incur a cost on your end) only to find out more information - with no intention of actually buying! And when this happens, you will essentially be spending money and receiving zero return. Rather than being vague and "catchy" with your ad - trying to boost the number of clicks you get - make it perfectly clear in the ad what you are selling; this will ensure that people are more likely to click on your ad only if they have serious interest.

    3. Monitor closely.

    Most sites on which you can set up a PPC campaign also provide you with plenty of tools with which you can track the success of your campaign. Pay close attention to how many clicks your ad receives, compared to the number of views it receives - and also pay attention to the correlation between clicks and sales. Be willing to fiddle with the ad as you gather more information, until you reach a place where you feel certain that you are maximizing your success.
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