• Leads - What Are They?

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    The greatest goal of your business will be continual growth; after all, your business will typically be moving in one of two directions: forward or backward. And of course, it will be important that you learn to do everything you can in order to put your business on the positive side - so that you are always moving forward - rather than putting yourself in a place where your business is regressing.

    When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, there are four primary approaches you can take:

    1. Use search engine optimization to show up in Internet searches

    2. Use leads to target prospective buyers

    3. Cold call people and cross your fingers

    4. Keep moving forward blindly and simply hope for the best

    Of course, there are benefits to each approach - but there are a lot more benefits to the first two approaches (the proactive approaches) than there are to the second two approaches!

    Many people think of "cold calling" - which is those times when you contact random people with a sales pitch and hope against hope that someone bites - as the only way to use the telephone or email in an effort to make sales. But actually, when you take advantage of leads, you will be able to call and email people who have already shown an interest in the product or service you are selling!

    To put it quite simply, "leads" are the detailed information of people who have already shown an interest in the product or service you provide. They may have displayed this interest through an online form, through something they filled out at the mall, or through information they provided to a business (and gave them permission to share!). But regardless of where a particular lead came from, the bottom line is the same: a lead sends you to someone who has conveyed an overt interest in the product you sell or the service you provide.

    If you have ever thought that "cold calling" is the only way to expand your business, think again! Learn how to use leads to your advantage, and you will be able to experience greater growth than you imagined possible.
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