• Why Headlines Can Make Or Break You

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    A lot of people start a website with no real understanding of exactly how they should go about running this site, and with no real grasp of all the things that go into making a website a success or a failure. Many of these people have heard about the successes others have experienced online, and like someone heading out as part of a gold rush with no tools to take advantage of it once they arrive, these people set up websites and wait for the money to roll in - and are disappointed when nothing happens!

    In order to avoid this fate yourself, it will be important that you understand all the little things that go into making a website a success - and when it comes to "all the little things," there is perhaps nothing bigger than knowing how to come up with good headlines.

    The headline will inevitably be the first thing a visitor to your websites sees and reads, and because of the fact that so many people simply "browse" the Internet - bouncing from site to site until something catches their eye and forces them to stick around for a bit - you will need this first impression to make an impact. Otherwise, you will risk people clicking right through your site without leaving you with anything of value.

    In order to capitalize on the headlines on your site - turning them into something that will increase the number of visitors who stay on your site, rather than something that allows them to leave right away - you will want to get in the habit of asking yourself these three questions with every headline you create:

    Is the headline catchy? - Make sure each headline causes the visitor to pause and read it, rather than allowing them to skim over it and move on.

    Does the headline address a need? - People are drawn to things that address their needs, so take the time to understand the needs all humans have, and create headlines that hit these targets.

    Does the headline indicate what is on the webpage? - Some people get in the bad habit of creating catchy headlines that do not actually match up with the content of the webpage; if you want to keep people on your page, you will need the headline to lead into the content, rather than leading into something the visitor is not expecting at all!

    With an understanding of the importance of headlines - and with these tips for taking advantage of headlines yourself - you will be in great shape to avoid headlines that chase visitors away, and to instead use your headlines to increase the success of your site!
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