• Mobile Marketing Opportunities

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    Most businessmen and businesswomen have come to understand that the manner in which marketing is conducted has been altered by advancements in technology - and one of the biggest ways in which this is evident is through the use of mobile marketing. But while most people hoping to market their products to consumers understand that mobile marketing is valuable, many of these same people fail to grasp the nuances that go into a successful mobile marketing launch!

    If you are wanting to take advantage of the advancements in marketing platforms with a mobile marketing launch of your own, here are a few examples of great mobile marketing opportunities; peruse these to see which ones apply to you, and to discover what you can learn from each of these examples and incorporate into your own campaign.

    Apparel and accessories:

    A lot of small business owners fall into this category, and one of the best ways to take advantage of the possibilities afforded by mobile marketing is to take advantage of the ability it gives such businesses to have opted-in customers for SMS alerts. By using everything from shopping bags to email newsletters to the store itself to sign customers up for something such as a "mobile loyalty program," such stores can send SMS alerts to inform customers of sales, new merchandise, special offers, and other pertinent promotions!

    Arts and entertainment:
    Although you may not be a part of the arts and entertainment sector yourself, the manner in which this sector has used such things as ringtones and mobile access to television shows and movie trailers is a great example of innovation and creative approaches with mobile marketing. This sector asks the question: What do customers want? And then, it comes up with innovative ways to capitalize on these customer desires.

    Consumer electronics:

    Mobile shopping tends to be conducted for consumer electronics products more than for just about anything else, and because of this, consumer electronics companies have capitalized on the widespread use of mobile browsers by inundating them with ads and promotions for special deals! In this way, the instant connectivity provided by mobile devices gives consumer electronics companies a leg up on their competition.

    Media and publishing

    Print advertising has changed completely over the last five or 10 years, and because of this, media and publishing advertising has changed as well. The greatest adjustment made by most businesses when it comes to their media and publishing is that they have created mobile-friendly sites, which allows users to browse from their phones without experiencing any hitches. Any business hoping to keep up with the changes in technology would be wise to make sure their customers (and potential customers) are able to seamlessly peruse their page on any mobile device.


    One of the greatest opportunities that has been afforded by mobile marketing is the chance for nonprofits to accept donations through text messages. As you have likely seen when natural disasters have struck, nonprofits such as the Red Cross or The Salvation Army have allowed people to text a particular word (such as "GIVE") to a particular number, thus generating an automatic donation through their wireless provider!

    The opportunities for mobile marketing seem to be endless - and in order for you to keep pace with your competitors, you will need to learn all you can about mobile marketing and figure out how you can take advantage of it yourself!

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