• How to Build a Joint Affiliate Deal

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    While it is easy to look at business as a solo quest - something you tackle on your own, against your own obstacles, and at your own pace - the truth of the matter is, business includes much more in the way of "others" than most people realize. After all, you are always in direct competition with other individuals or other businesses, no matter what the focus of your business is, and if you want to succeed at the highest level you will need to always keep the omnipresence of this competition in mind.

    There are plenty of ways to move your business forward at a faster pace than the pace at which your competitors are moving, but one of the best ways to do this is to create a joint affiliate deal with one or more fellow businesses.

    A joint affiliate deal basically creates an opportunity for you to sell the products of others on your website, and for others to sell your products on theirs. In this way, each of you will expand the audience your products reach each day - which will expand your sales as a result!

    There are three ways by which you can build a joint affiliate deal - and if you are wanting to take advantage of joint affiliate deals in order to move your business forward, the great news is that all three of these methods can be applied at once!

    1. Become an affiliate for an established site

    There are many websites, such as Amazon and Clickbank, that rely heavily on the work of their affiliates in order to achieve the success they achieve. While you will not receive any return marketing from such sites, you will have the benefit of being able to sell just about anything you want - focusing on products your regular visitors will be interested in - and will make a portion of the profits each time you make a sale.

    2. Recruit affiliates for your own site

    You can also set up an affiliate program of your own - enabling others to promote your product on their website, and allowing them to take a percentage of the profit for each sale they make. In this way, you will incentivize the spread of your product - essentially gaining free advertising, as you will only pay people for promoting your product when they make a sale!

    3. Create an organic affiliation with a fellow business or website

    And outside of official "affiliate programs," you can also strike up a joint affiliate deal with a fellow business - agreeing to use one another's websites to promote each other's products. This "joint venture" will allow each of you to increase your own exposure - reaching all the readers on the other person's site who might otherwise never see your product!