• How to Get on Page One FAST!

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    Running an online business is all about getting results, and the best way to get results is to land yourself on the front page of search engine searches! Of course, if your goal is to get your site on the front page of search engine searches, you will not be alone, as just about everyone else with a website will have this same goal. But when you keep a few simple tips in mind, you will have a huge head start on your competition - and will be able to keep this momentum going until you are on Page One of searches, with your competitors left in a cloud of dust behind you!

    Target keywords with a high number of searches and with little competition

    It is one thing to come up with relevant keywords that will get the attention of search engines; it is another thing altogether to come up with relevant keywords that lots of people are searching, and that few competitors are targeting! Use the Google keyword tool to find keywords relevant to your areas of focus that lots of people are typing into their browsers, but that few of your competitors are typing into the content of their websites.

    Take things a step further and incorporate these keywords into meta tags

    By intensifying your use of keywords and using them within meta title tags and meta description tags, you will make your site even more relevant to search engines - and will make it even more likely that your site will find itself on Page One of search engine searches!

    Be creative with your backlink building

    Rather than simply using a backlink builder to generate backlinks that point to your site, you should also keep in mind the fact that backlinks from highly-ranked sites will cause your site to become more highly ranked as a result. Offer to provide free content for popular sites that run in the same circles as your own, and as "payment" for providing this content, you will be able to include a link to your own site - which will push you up toward the very top of search engine rankings more quickly than just about anything else could!