• How to Manage a Money-Making Webinar

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    One of the best ways to increase your success in business is to increase your profile - and there is often no better way to increase your profile than by conducting a webinar (or a webinar series!). But while this seems quite straightforward in theory, one problem many run into once they try to get started is the question of: "How exactly do I do this?"

    In order to answer this question, it is best to look at one specific example of a theoretical webinar - in this instance, a money-making webinar - as this will help both those in search of answers for managing a money-making webinar, and those in search of answers for managing a webinar in general!

    In order to manage a money-making webinar, here are five main things you will want to keep in mind:

    1. What will others get out of this?

    This is a key question to ask yourself - and it must be the starting point for the launch of any webinar. If you are unable to answer this question succinctly and directly, your audience will be unable to answer this question at the end of the webinar as well. Know what you hope for your audience to get out of the webinar you conduct, and focus on this as you prepare to launch.

    2. What will I get out of this?

    Some people end up running a webinar "just to run a webinar," but you need to know what your expected return will be if your are going to put in all the time and effort necessary for a successful webinar. If you are running a money-making webinar, you are unlikely to receive any sort of return on this unless you either A) charge people to "attend" the webinar itself, or B) have a product (perhaps an ebook or a "How To" guide) you plan to plug. Of course you want to help others with the knowledge you have - but you will need to make sure you are making this webinar worth your time as well!

    3. How will people know to attend?

    No one wants to stand in a mostly-empty auditorium and deliver a compelling presentation to a handful of drowsy listeners - but while a webinar does not create the potential for an embarrassingly empty auditorium, it does create the potential for an empty virtual room. At the same time, however, the Internet also allows you to reach a massive audience all at once, as you will not have to deal with the space and travel constraints of an in-person seminar. Take advantage of the positives of conducting a seminar online - promoting it aggressively, and building your audience far in advance - as this will help to ensure a positive turnout.

    4. Know your way around your presentation

    If you are going to be convincing as the presenter of a money-making webinar, you are going to have to be confident and comfortable, and even though you will not have to face an audience directly, the simple fact of doing something so new can often be enough to give people jitters. Practice your webinar - learning it inside and out - before you ever go live, and this will enable you to deliver when the time comes.

    5. Know your way around peripheral topics 

    Just about any good webinar will include a Q&A session at the end - and you should realize that not all questions will relate directly to the things you just talked about. Know your way around peripheral topics - as well as the topics you plan to touch on directly - as this will enable you to confidently explore and answer any questions your audience comes up with.