• How to Team Up for Online Success

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    One of the best things about the Internet (besides all the avenues it opens up for increased profits and increased streams of income!) is the way in which it allows people and businesses to collaborate with one another - no matter the distance between them! And while some people feel that the best part of running an online business is the ability it gives them to "go it alone," those who feel this way are missing out on greatly expanded traffic and profits they could generate by simply teaming up with another person or business in the pursuit of online success.

    If you are hoping to expand the scope of your online business (and after all, who isn't hoping to do so!), here are three things you can consider in order to help you team up with others for online success:

    1. Tap into the goldmine of affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing allows you either A) to sell others' products on your own site - collecting a portion of the profits (a sort of "commission") for each sale made - or B) sell your own products on others' sites - paying out a portion of the profits (a sort of "commission") for each sale made. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to sell products from well-known companies and websites (which makes these sales much easier to close!), and it gives you the opportunity to gain exposure for your own products through sites that others run.

    2. Create a joint venture with a fellow business or company

    A joint venture allows you and another company (or other companies) to promote one another's products on each other's sites. If, for instance, you had 10,000 regular visitors on your site each month, and someone else you knew had 10,000 regular visitors on their site each month - but the two of you saw very little overlap in visitors - a joint venture would double the exposure each of you received!

    3. Team up with the customers you already have: they can be your best ads of all!

    Encourage your customers to spread the word about you and your business by giving them incentives for spreading the word, and by building relationships with them through your website and through such social media sites as Twitter and facebook. Your current customers can be your best advertisements of all - as long as you can figure out how to team up with them and encourage them to spread the word!