• Simplifying Search Engine Marketing

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    If used correctly, search engine marketing is a great way for you to start making some extra money (and in fact, if used "really correctly," search engine marketing is a great way for you to start making a lot of extra money!), but many people find that they are unable to grasp search engine marketing the way they would like - feeling instead that it is far more complicated than they imagined it would be. The truth of the matter, however, is that the core of the search engine marketing is simple - as the core of search engine marketing really just deals with search engine optimization.

    In order to draw people to your website (which, of course, is extremely important if you are wanting to make money with your website!), the first thing you will need to do is focus on keywords. With the right keywords emphasized throughout the content of your site, you will be able to show up in the right search engine searches.

    The next area where you should turn your SEO focus is meta tags; these are the tags that visitors to your site will not see, but that search engines will - and these tags will give search engines direction and instructions in assessing and ranking your site.

    And finally, you will want to focus on backlinks in order to succeed with your search engine marketing efforts (backlinks being the links on another site that point back to yours).

    Some people stop there, of course - and some even find success in doing so. But if you are really serious about making money through search engine marketing, there is one final step: you will want to find a tool that can help you maximize your efforts in these three areas.