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    Search engine optimization is often made out to be a whole lot more complicated than it actually is. Of course, there are a lot of little things that you can do in order to help your SEO efforts, and there are a lot of tricks you can use to achieve your goals, but everything in search engine rankings - even the little things you can do and the tricks you can use - basically boils down to content, links, popularity, and reputation.

    Content: As you build content on your site, keep your primary keywords in mind (this should be the two or three keywords you want to focus on throughout your site). But also, make sure you are not so focused on these keywords that your content does not make sense! Rather, use these keywords as your guide through each post (as far as what you want the content on your site to cover) - realizing that as long as you write good content, even if this content does not include the exact keywords themselves, you will continue to climb up SERPs.

    Links: The importance of backlinks cannot be overstated - especially backlinks that come from popular, highly-ranked sites! Do everything within your power to build backlinks - including link exchanges, article writing, maximization of social media sharing, and linking to other sites.

    Popularity: Quite simply, the more popular your site is, the more likely it is to be ranked more highly by search engines. And while you can do a lot of SEO work to make your site appear popular, there is nothing that can replace true popularity! Of course, there is not "one magic trick" to make your site more popular (if there were, everyone would use it!), but always keep the wheels turning in your head, thinking of new things you can do to increase the popularity of your site.

    Reputation: And of course, the longer your site has been around, and the more often your site is shared by others, and the more valuable the backlinks you gain, the more reputable your site will be deemed to be - and the more highly search engines will rank you as a result.

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