• Give (Link) Love, Get (Link) Love!

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    One thing that tends to give people problems is figuring out what they can do in order to build links for their site. After all, we all know that backlinks are important (even if some of us fail to realize how important!), but this does not quite clear up our understanding of what we can do in order to increase the number of backlinks we receive.

    There are a lot of things you can do in order to build backlinks - writing off-site articles, exchanging links with another site, optimizing your site for social media sharing, and so on - but the most organic way to build backlinks (and often the strongest way as well) is to simply make sure you are linking to others.

    This can be a bit more time-consuming than simply writing a solid article and disseminating this article through a number of areas, as linking to others sites will require you to find content that is relevant to your site, and to then build content around this link you plan to create, but most websites - even large websites - monitor where their traffic is coming from.

    When you link to another site, and they see that they have traffic coming their way because of this link, they are probably going to visit your site to see the context of this link you have provided. And if you have built quality content around the link itself, this site is likely to link back to you (perhaps even back to that same piece of content) in return!

    Not only will this send traffic your way, but it will also create a backlink - and if you are linking to popular, highly-ranked sites and getting them to link to you in return, it will create an extremely valuable backlink. What's more, you may find that you have created a new, regular visitor in this site you have linked to - and that they will start linking to you on a somewhat regular basis!

    As you build content on your site - always making sure, of course, that the content you build is valuable and relevant to your site - focus on sharing link love with others as often as you can. Soon, you will find that you are receiving lots of link love in return!

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