• Link Building: Think Quality Over Quantity

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    You already know that the links you are able to build for your website will be one of the most important SEO elements - but one thing that you may not have thought about is the importance of where these links come from.

    A lot of people spend their time and energy focused on building lots of links, imagining that the more links they build, the better! Of course, this is true in a sense - having lots of links certainly is a positive. After all, with lots of links, you will be helping your search engine ranking, and you will be creating lots of opportunities for people to click on these links and end up on your site. At the same time, however, you should realize that a single link from a highly-ranked and highly-regarded site will help your search engine ranking more than 20 links from low-ranking sites! What's more, a highly-ranked site is likely to have a lot more traffic on it than a site that is ranked poorly - which means that you will often be increasing the likelihood of direct traffic as a result of these single links on highly-ranked sites.

    Of course, you will not have 100% (or even 50%!) control over where your links come from - but you should always keep in mind the fact that you do have some measure of control over the links you receive.

    Always look for opportunities to exchange links with sites that are popular and highly-ranked. Also, keep an eye out for content of yours that others might be mentioning on their sites without leaving behind a link; when you notice this, drop them an email and ask that they link back to your site. And finally, remember that links are more likely to come your way when you are linking to others; link to sites that are highly-ranked and highly-regarded, and you will be more likely to receive valuable links from these sites in return!

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