• Business Blogging: Get The CEO Involved!

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    If you run a small business - or if you are running websites for search engine marketing purposes - everything you post on your site will essentially be "From the CEO," and what's more, it will probably sound pompous and pretentious for you to tell people that what they are reading is from the CEO! If, on the other hand, you have a company with 25 or more employees - or if you operate a business with multiple locations - giving your customers direct messages from the CEO will be a big boon to your business.

    Now, one thing to realize is that the concept of sending messages directly from the CEO to customers is not exactly revolutionary. After all, big businesses do this all the time in stockholder reports and other forms of direct communication - but where you should differ from this approach is on your website, where you should give customers a chance to feel as though they are communicating with the "Big Boss" directly.

    One way to do this, if you are the CEO, is to post contributions on your company's blog every once in a while! Especially if you have someone else from your company who runs your blog, and if they have done a good job making this blog popular, a post from you every once in a while will really do a lot to give this blog even more momentum.

    Another way to make your readers feel as though they are interacting with you, as the CEO of your company, is to log onto the blog every once in a while and respond to comments readers have left behind. Most successful blogs capitalize on interaction with readers in the comments section - and if this interaction comes from the CEO, it will have even more of an impact!

    And finally, opening up an online "Q & A" session with the CEO every once in a while will give your customers a chance to interact with you directly, and will do that much more to increase the likelihood that these "customers" of yours will soon become "loyal customers"!

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