• Supplementing SEO With A Clear and Present Call to Action

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    Search engine optimization efforts can take a long time to yield results; because of this, you will need a lot of continuous work - and a lot of corresponding patience - in order to achieve SEO success. With this fact in mind, one thing that can be especially frustrating is finding that you have spent all this time on SEO work - and have expended all this patience in waiting for this work to pay off - only for you to experience no significant upswing in sales as a result of this increased traffic you have finally gained! In order to ensure this is not the case for you, you will want to make sure your website contains a clear and present call to action.

    Make it clear that the purpose of your website is for you to make sales! This does not mean you have to explicitly state this purpose on your site (in fact, this is something you should probably avoid doing!), but it does mean you should make it very obvious to visitors that you have items for sale. Highlight deals visitors will get for ordering online; talk about how easy (and secure) your online checkout process is; feature certain products, and highlight certain deals.

    Another aspect of creating a clear and present call to action is giving visitors an opportunity to become connected with you on a consistent basis. Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your site through their RSS feed, or through email. Give them a weekly (or monthly) newsletter they can sign up for. Create a "members only" section on your website - with special features that will lead your visitors to come back again and again.

    And finally, get creative - thinking of anything else that will fit well with your site, in an effort to create a purchase from each visitor, or to create a return visit.

    The more you focus on creating a clear and present call to action on your site, the more your SEO efforts will pay off once you start to see results!

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