• An Entrepreneur's Role in Sales Funneling

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    For every strategy to take hold and successfully work, every detail must be well-planned by the executor. The same ideology works with sales funneling, a sales funnel must be well-planned for it to work effectively.

    An Entrepreneur's Role in Sales Funneling

    The marketer or entrepreneur must understand the consumers or the market of potential customers well before pitching any product or service to them. This entails researching their needs, motivations, desires, objectives as well as areas they are lacking in a certain value.

    A well-designed persona based on real consumers must be crafted for an entrepreneur to know who to sell to. This helps in specifying the target audience and how they can be reached. Technology is opening up new ways through which the consumers can be reached, it’s part of the entrepreneur’s role to know these avenues and how to use them.

    Knowing what influences the consumers’ buying decisions is key to making them progress through each stage of the funnel. Each and every stage of the funnel is important and shouldn’t be rushed in order to secure long-lasting clients.

    It’s not compulsory that the entrepreneur or marketer handle the implementation of strategies for every stage of the funnel, breaking down the process into roles that can be outsourced helps in optimizing effort and resources. This division of labor helps the entrepreneur focus on the larger picture rather than having the focus fragmented and used on small tasks.

    Securing leads is a core aspect of the sales funnel and every sale funneling would fail without effective lead magnets in place to attract the consumers. The lead magnets act as a valued bait that reels the consumers in.

    My Digital Genie; Digital Genie; Keywords; Best Keywords; Making Money Online

    An entrepreneur must specify the target audience for the success of his business 
    Communication is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whilst the consumers are still in research mode and contemplating whether or not to go with your product, it’s your job to keep them informed about the value you can offer them.

    After securing a direct mode of communication with the consumer, preferably email, regular marketing of products is the next thing to do. This also involves answering every question they have on how your product is of value to them.

    The efforts of the entrepreneur determine whether or not the marketing objectives will be achieved. Highly optimized engagements at every stage of the sales funnel helps in driving higher conversion rates.

    Reviewing the structure of the sales funnel regularly helps the entrepreneur in detecting areas in need of optimization. These areas can then be targeted and supported by marketing efforts to achieve the desired objectives.

    It’s every entrepreneur’s responsibility to implement a well-structured sales funnel and value ladder in order to have one of the best and strongest sales process available.

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