• Building An Attractive Character For Your Sales Funnel

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    Making your Attractive Character (AC) relatable to your target audience is vital in the sales funnel. This is one of the essential ingredients necessary for business success. An AC is a persona that’s built around the brand to attract potential customers, and existing clients, with the aim of driving them to make a purchase.

    This AC is someone, interesting and good-looking, who shares their ideas, talents, and unique skills freely with their target audience. Building the AC requires some key components to the persona. The components include:


    To expatiate on the ‘Elements’ component, this talks about the features of the persona and each part is necessary to build a strong one. The elements include the Backstory, Allegories, Values, and Flaws as well as Strong-will. The backstory is simply a narrative of the character’s background, this helps the customers understand where the character is coming from and how he/she relates with the product or service of topic.

    Using allegories to pass your messages across to the customers is effective and this helps the AC a lot in illustrating important points. This allows the messages passed across to stick with the audience long enough to influence their buying decision.

    The AC values and flaws are important when building an AC. Every character has values they hold dear and firm as well as flaws that define them. These flaws are traits that the character is struggling with and they have to be real and relatable.

    Having a perfect individual as an AC won’t allow the consumers to be able to empathize with you since there won’t be anything wrong with the character. Having a strong will and unchanging in the face of challenges is something the consumers will respect and appreciate.

    Sharing your opinions might be difficult sometimes but it will prove beneficial in the long run. Now to the ‘Identity’ part of the AC, this is a major part of who the persona is whether it be leader, reluctant hero, reporter or adventure. Identifying strongly with any of these profiles and using the traits for the AC helps define the role of the individual.

    Storylines are well-structured plots you can use to communicate with your target audience. Brands and businesses make use of this in sales letters, emails and other forms of interactions with their prospective customers. This communication tool is essential when conversing with the consumers to drive them up the sales funnel and value ladder.

    Using these strategies to build a strong AC saves time, effort and resources when connecting with the consumers. The consumers have to feel the need for the product else they won’t see a need for it. Characters add to the success of the business and is key for sales and profit maximization.

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