• Building Blocks For The Pre-frame Bridge

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    There are key elements that are most effective for building certain parts of your sales funnel. These elements work best used for building and implementing specific phases of your funnel. The goal or objective of the phase determines which building blocks will be used.

    My Digital Genie; Digital Genie; Keywords; Best Keywords; Making Money Online

    For pre-framing, the goal is to influence and place the prospects within the right frame of mind so they can be receiving to the offer you have to give them. The blocks include:

      Quizzes: This pre-frame tool is basically just to get the prospects immersed in the process and have them thinking along the line of the next step in the sales funnel. The quiz questions must be related to the prospects’ problem and how your product or service proffers a solution to it. You can get the prospects to subscribe to your mailing list in exchange for results to the quiz they just took. This helps in moving them through the pre-frame and qualify subscribers phases at once in the funnel. The next step to take after this would then be to qualify them as buyers.

    ●  Articles: This can be used on your websites and someone’s website affiliated with you. The topic of the articles can be based on several things, be it a case study or how your product works, but it must always be related to what you have to proffer the prospects to get them thinking in the line of your offer. A Call-to-Action (CTA) can be added somewhere in the article to get them to take action and proceed to the next step in the funnel.

      Blogs: Posts on a blog can be shaped to pre-frame any topic and you can be creative with shaping the content to mirror your product and what you have to offer them. Other individuals’ blog posts, preferably one with high traffic, can also be used to market your products and they often yield better results.

       Emails: This medium works best when ads or Joint-Venture partners are used to promote your brand. They help in pre-framing your offer and build trust between you and your prospects. A CTA will then be added within the email for the prospects to use to purchase your offer.

        News:  Readers pay more attention to news or any content perceived as news, this fact can be exploited by shaping the content surrounding your offer to look like news and get the prospects to take action at the end of the content. You can tie your message of the story with the product or service you’re trying to sell.

    Presell pages and videos can also be used as mediums to put out your message and offer to convince your prospects to trust you and go along with your offer. Optimizing all of these resources will help you attain high conversion rates and optimize your sales.

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