• Daily Seinfeld Sequence

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    The Seinfeld Sequence is a follow-up strategy to the Soap Opera Sequence which is implemented in an effort to build a relationship with new leads. It’s basically a series of story-telling emails used to build trust with the leads whilst introducing them to the products or services you proffer.

    This simple yet highly effective technique is used to maintain communication with the leads and achieve the objective of getting them to make purchases on your products and services repeatedly. The secret to success for any strategy is consistency and this is key for this particular one.

    The Seinfeld emails are recommended to be sent daily to fully optimize your conversion rates. When there is a lack of interaction between you and your subscribers, they tend to forget about you and what you have to offer them. Such an outcome will take its toll on your goals or objectives.

    However, the format of the emails has to be entertaining and captivating stories. And must be built around your Attractive Character’s life to avoid running the risk of getting your subscribers annoyed. 90% of the content of the email is meant to be for the reader’s entertainment while only 10% of it will be actual content.

    These emails are actually just random stories but created with the intent of leading the potential customers back to what service or product you’re proffering. If you focus mainly on just entertaining your leads without tying the story to the product or service you’re selling, then there would be no point to the whole effort.

    Here are some examples of entertaining topics you could focus on:

          What product did you buy recently that you regret?
          What embarrassing thing happened to you recently?
          What made you mad with rage yesterday, that you’re laughing about today?
          What crazy thing happened in your past that you learned a lesson from?
          Which vacation plan do you have for this year?
          What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
          What did you buy recently that you love so much?

    Basically, they are just entertaining emails that are tied to your products or services to get the audience to take action on what you’re offering them. The Seinfeld emails are used to maintain a conversation with the subscribers on a daily basis.

    The story you’re telling must be relatable and something the subscribers can connect with. Show the readers your mistakes and that you aren’t perfect, this will help build trust and prove that you aren’t that much different from them.

    Using this strategy can help optimize your sales generation and profit maximization. Without such a strategy in place, the leads can easily forget about what you have to offer them and this can have a negative effect on the marketing strength of your sales funnel.

    Having a lot of traffic and subscribers will mean nothing if you can’t convert them into sales. The Seinfeld Sequence is the monetization strategy you need to get the readers to eventually click on that ‘Purchase’ button.

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