• Different Types of Sales Funnel For the Value Ladder

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    There exists quite a number of diverse sales funnel strategies that businesses can take advantage of to increase profitable activity on their platforms. These are sales methods you can make use of to generate leads for your brand, and ultimately, revenue for the business.

    For an effective digital marketing strategy, two concepts must be taken note of and regarded when planning. The concepts include the value ladder and the sales funnel itself. The sales funnel exists as a guide for the customers to take when checking out the products and/or services proffered by you. The value ladder simply denotes a continuity program of products and/or services that increase in value as the consumers move up.

    The sales funnel and value ladder mirror each other in steps or levels, which are the Frontend, Middle and Backend. Different sales funnel strategies can be made for each of these levels on the value ladder to deliver a more streamlined experience for the consumers.

    Frontend Sales Funnel

    These kinds of sales funnel exist at the forefront of the value ladder and are targeted at potential customers who are aware of the problem they have but don’t possess a solution to the problem yet. The objective here is to create awareness about your brand and the solutions you have to offer them.

    There are numerous methods that can be used to market and obtain leads from potential customers who have an inclination to purchase your products and/or services. An offer has to be made to the potential customers to entice them and capture their attention. This can include Free or Low-cost Trials, Free Shipping, Self-Liquidating Offers (SLOs).

    Middle Sales Funnel

    Here, the sales funnel are targeted towards mid-priced products and/or services and require more content that the frontend funnels. This is due to the increase in the value and getting customers to go along with them requires shedding light on why and how an increase in the value of products aim to serve them better. The kinds of content used for this level aim to educate your customers on better services you can provide and comes at a higher cost.

    The kinds of content required for this level of sales funnel should hold a reasonable amount of information, tools that can be used include Sales Webinars, Invisible funnel, and Product Launch funnels.

    Backend Sales Funnel

    This class of products or services are high-value investments and must be treated as such. The kind of funneling that should be used for this is specifically aimed at convincing leads and driving sales on the premium products and/or services you have to offer.

    This is the last level of the value ladder, hence the kinds of funneling templates used should be tailored to convincing the consumers of these premium services. High-ticket Offers should be targeted to the customers to get them to continue with the program.

    With a dedicated value ladder and defined sales funnel, you can turn leads into hyper-responsive customers and have a better competitive advantage with long-term business stability. All these and so much more can come from having a well-constructed marketing process that is highly optimized.

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