• How Pre-Framing Works

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    Pre-framing simply involves influencing and shaping the thought process of the minds of the prospective customers before they move on to the next step in your sales funnel. Shaping their thought process helps them anticipate what to expect in the next stages of the funnel.

    This is one of the most resourceful secrets of the sales funnel when trying to sell a product or service. It helps keep the prospects’ focus on the value of your products or services. This puts you in control of what they think and feel about your products and it’s much better you handle this particular process rather than outsourcing it to another individual who doesn’t get the full scope of your sales funnel.

    Pre-framing helps you eliminate perceived disagreements, complaints, doubts and hesitations of the prospective customers. It can be successfully achieved by proffering a piece of content to the prospects ahead of the next stage of the funnel. A good pre-frame can help you influence the outcomes you want in any situation in the sales funnel.

    Also, successfully achieving the pre-framing technique helps you get them to take action on the next stage of the funnel. This makes the difference between marketers that optimize sales and profit and those who don’t. Pre-framing can be typically used almost everywhere. Such areas of implementation include:

          In the sales copy you send to prospects.
          The email messages being to prospects through your Autoresponder.
          Webinars funnels talking about what benefits you have to proffer the prospects through your products or services.
          On landing pages that you show to prospects before moving on the actual products you have to offer.
          Lead magnets and capture pages.
          Lead generation tactics.

    You can apply the pre-framing technique into different sales processes, squeeze pages, and whichever resource you use to interact with the prospects to influence their ‘purchase’ decision. Through pre-framing, you have the power to counter any challenges that might come your way.

    Even if objections come up, you as the marketer would have anticipated this and built answers to counter the potential objections in your presentation. Through this, you can influence buy-in decisions by shaping the context ahead of the arguments.

    Using the pre-framing technique in marketing campaigns gives you that competitive edge in optimizing high conversion rates. Pre-framing is highly critical in asserting your authority through marketing to your prospects. Marketing campaigns having issues with converting leads into sales are usually because they haven’t established pre-framing in any of their sales processes.

    This is a highly useful pattern for marketers to get the prospects to make that buying decision since converting sales is the main objective of any sales strategy.

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