• Sales Funnel - It's Easy if You Do it Smart

    Sales Funnel; How do I build a Sales Funnel; Sales Funnels; Click Funnels; Online Business; Digital Marketing help

    Sales funnels are a marketing strategy businesses use to generate more leads from the traffic of prospects passing through their websites. 

    Sales Funnel - It's Easy if You Do it Smart

    The buying process the customers are led through by companies to buy products is simply what encapsulates the sales funnel.

    A funnel helps ascertain how many customers are going through the buying process and highlight the areas in need of optimization.

    The problem with most brands is that they aren’t spending money in the right places to acquire a customer. Every brand must recognize certain questions and how the answers should impact their every move to create brand awareness.

    Questions that should arise in an effort to realize your market include:

          Who is your dream client?

          Where can you find them?

          What can you use to reel them in?

          What result do you want to give them?


    Sales Funnel; How do I build a Sales Funnel; Sales Funnels; Click Funnels; Online Business; Digital Marketing help

    Structuring this well helps in leading your dream clients from taking the ‘bait’ to consuming your product offerings and putting them in the position where you want them to be.

    Another important notion to work on before moving on to your sales funnel is your value ladder. The value ladder refers to a continuity program in which you trade more products and/or services with more value to the consumer over time. As the value being traded increases over time, so does the amount you charge the clients.

    An instance of this would be a company that offers sales funneling services to businesses, the steps in terms of the services would be to build out your sales funnel, setting up the backend systems and then generating leads through sales funneling for the business. Each of these steps would incur specific charges from the service provider to the business procuring the services.

    This is ideal because every business aims to sell their best product and/or service but this has to be done gradually and not just instantly, hence, the value ladder. Providing consumers with an ever-increasing value is the way to go about letting your plethora of services.

    It’s only natural for your target audience to want to ascend up your Value Ladder when they know and trust you that there are other ways value can be attained from your brand. There are different ways in which you can structure your continuity program, it could be built around membership packages, coaching plans or membership sites.

    The continuity program is a great way to build your residual income because the clients naturally want to move up the ladder due to more value proffered by you, hence, more income will be pulled in for every step taken by them. Businesses differ in operations but the concept of adding more products and services to the Value Ladders is the ideal way of building their marketing funnels and succeeding in an environment full of competition.

    The key difference between a Value Ladder and a sales funnel is that the value ladder is a method you can use to ascertain the products and services needed to lure your dream clients away from the bait to the high-end services you have to offer. The sales funnel is simply the buying process that the potential customers go through when acquiring your products and/or services.

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