• Sales Funnel Maker - Analysis and Planning

    Planning the creation of a new sales funnel is a critical step before you start executing the creation of landing pages and upsells or downsells.

    Sales Funnel Maker - Analysis and Planning

    Far too often I speak with clients who are struggling to complete the creation of a sales funnel and when I start to ask questions it becomes clear that they have not planned out what they are trying to build and have gone straight into execution mode.

    Executing is good, it means you are getting something done, but creating a sales funnel without a plan most often ends up costing you more time because you have not answered all the questions you need to, to get it done.

    Sales Funnel Maker is a free and easy to use tool that helps you through this process.

    It enables you to effectively plan out each step of your Sales Funnel and specifically calculate your expected return at each stage of the sales funnel.

    By doing this Sales Funnel Maker helps you determine what sort of click through rate you require at each of the funnel, but sort of upsell or downsell you will require, what sort of pages you will need to build out in order to achieve you target campaign objective.

    If you are looking for a simple yet effective tool that is free and will help you plan and execute a successful sales funnel, then Sales Funnel Maker is the perfect tool to use.

    You can get your copy of the tool here: Sales Funnel Maker 

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