• How To Qualify Subscribers

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    After pre-framing the prospects, the next step or phase to take is qualifying subscribers with the objective of getting them to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter. An incentive of value can be offered to get them to take this step because people are careful with their contact information.

    There are mediums and resources through which you can achieve this, they include:

         Free Account: This works best for software or membership programs in which an account is required to access the services being proffered. The free account is in place to drive them to subscribe to your list where you can provide them with more information and get them to move up your Value Ladder.

         Pop-Ups: These are very common on the web and you must have encountered them at some point whilst surfing the web when you are redirected to a page where some product or service is being marketed upon. These work a lot in achieving high conversion rates hence, they are considered a very powerful tool. These pop-ups can be used to build your mailing list and from there, you can convert the prospects you come across.

         Free-Plus Shipping: This is a highly resourceful tool as it combines two phases, both the qualify subscribers and qualify buyers phases, into one process. The first step is in this tool is used to qualify subscribers by getting their contact information and the next one qualifies the buyers by asking for their payment information to cover the shipping charges of the free product. This is a great and effective way to qualify subscribers easily because human beings are naturally drawn to free things.

         Squeeze Page: This is a simple resource that can be used to increase subscribers on your mailing lists. It entails a simple opt-in page that asks for the prospect’s email address in exchange for access to the next page which holds something of value. The idea is to make this page free of distractions to keep the prospects focused on getting to the next page. Through this, they have only two options – dropping their email address or leaving the page.

         Webinar Registration: Free webinars, in exchange for their contact information, can be offered to the prospects. The webinar should provide information on the solution to a problem they face and how they can get access to it. Naturally, they will want to drop their details to get details on the webinar.

         Exit Pop: This particular resource is presented to the prospects when they are about to leave your site without subscribing to your mailing list. An offer can be presented to them on the exit pop so they can be further convinced to drop their contact information.

    Using all of these resources is guaranteed to help increase your mailing list which in turn helps increase your sales. The objective is simply to offer them something in exchange for their contact information, many things can be used to achieve this and some of them depend on the kind of business you’re running.

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