• How to Use Lead Magnets in a Sales Funnel

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    A core part of marketing is turning potential customers into leads, and most businesses don’t optimize this aspect and it reflects badly on the resulting sales. This means getting consumers who are doing research on their problem and happened to come across your solutions to actually go along with your business or having a lasting effect on every other person who just happened to stumble across your platform.

    Getting the email addresses of prospects can often prove to be arduous. This is because they hold their privacy in high regard and simply don’t just offer it up without knowing they are getting something in return. Offering them something of value in exchange for their email address is how a lead magnet works., It could be information on how a specific problem of theirs could be solved or access to a trial use of your products and/or services. By getting their email address, you can continuously market your services through email newsletters and offers.

    Pieces of digital downloadable content are usually offered as lead magnets, with content such as an eBook, free whitepaper, webinars, guides, reports, toolkits, software, discounts, free shipping often used. The kind of lead magnet to be used heavily depends on the brand or business but all kinds perform the same purpose of getting the prospects on your side and getting them to provide their email address and unltimately purchase a product and/or service.

    My Digital Genie; Digital Genie; Keywords; Best Keywords; Making Money Online

    Having a successful lead generation in a business depends on how you optimize your lead magnets to boost your sales and generate revenue. Making your lead magnet irresistible enough to be able to grasp the attention of the prospects and win them over is a key factor to consider when creating one.

    There are things that should be put into consideration when creating your lead magnets, some of them are:

         Specificity about the buyer persona being targeted by the lead magnets.
         The value of the content being delivered should be based on what the prospects need.
         An appealing format for the lead magnet.
         Type of lead magnet to be used.
         The simplicity of format to facilitate fast delivery and consumption.

    Here are some tested examples of lead magnets known to improve lead generation.

         Demo Video: A short video demonstrating how your service works and the solutions it has to offer the prospects.
        Case Study: Using a compelling case study to convince a prospect is an excellent example of what a lead magnet is. This helps to secure their interest in the services you have to offer.
         Newsletter: Offering valuable content in the form of updates pushed to the email address of a prospect is a great way of reminding them about your services and value.
         Webinar: Most prospects are usually looking for a solution to their needs or problems, offering them knowledge and exposure on the matter is an excellent way of turning them into leads.
         eBooks or PDF Resources

    It doesn’t matter which brand or business you’re marketing, having lead magnets is an effective way of tapping the traffic on your platform and building your email marketing list. Having lead magnets is a great way to reach massive audiences and retain them.

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