• Implementing The High-ticket, Two-step Script

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    Getting a client to purchase a high-ticket deal or product requires more time and planning relative to selling a much simpler product. Changing the selling environment is important, because these kinds of deals require much more than selling on a website or an application.

    For them to actually purchase the high-ticket product, they need better pre-framing and by changing the selling environment, you’re giving them a more direct and better approach to interacting with you. You can change the selling environment to that of either a phone conversation, live event or seminar.

    You can use an effective two-step script to influence them into making that buying decision. These two steps are the Set Script and the Close Script, two different people are required to implement these two scripts and neither one of them should be you. This is because getting too close to the sale is bad positioning and the outcome might end up being unfavorable.

    These two sales people can familiarize themselves with their individual script and work together to closing the potential client. The Setter, the individual working with the Set Script, has the basic functions to collecting information on the prospective customer, both basic and emotional, as well as his pressure points and objectives.

    As soon as the setter is done with his part, the next thing is to get the closer, the individual working with the Close Script, to amplify the pressure points of the prospect and influence him to make the buying decision by providing strong reasons why the program is perfect for him.

    The Set Script

    To implement the Set Script effectively, you have to follow a couple of steps carefully. The first is to introduce who you, the setter, is and naturally converse with the prospect. The objective here is to getting to know who the prospects is and their emotional reactions to the topics of discussion. They should also get to know the position the prospect is in and their feelings about their status.

    The setter should also use a series of questions to draw out who the prospect actually is. By getting to know the prospect and their emotional reactions to certain things, they can figure out what how the prospect’s mind works and how to tap that to their advantage. Get to know what they are lacking in their lives and then proceed to give them just a taste of what you have to proffer them.

    This means working on those pressure points and proffering better solutions that could put them in a better situation, solutions your product can proffer. When the setter proffers these solutions, the sales process becomes a lot easier. Another key step to take is to set up the closer as the expert and if the candidate is good enough for the program, a recommendation can be made to the closer about them.

    Another key objective of the setter is to find out about the prospect’s financial status to know whether the program is right for them. Also, the short-term goals of the prospects must be evaluated by asking a series of questions related to what plans they have for themselves.

    The next thing to do is to get commitments out of the prospect by asking a series of questions which serve to sell themselves on the program.

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