• Implementing The High-ticket, Two-step Script (Continuation)

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    The next thing after implementing the Set script with the setter, what you want to do is to get the closer to call the prospect. This is where you implement the Close script to finalize the deal and get the purchase locked in.

    This script is not that different from the one implemented by the setter, and the goal here is to get the candidate to act upon the decisions he already made in his mind.

    The Close Script

    The introduction is not that different from that of the setter’s but structured a bit more distinctly. You can get the prospect to visualize what it would be like after the program successfully works. The commitments would once again be reinforced by asking a series of questions that require answers for the process to proceed on.

    There are four commitments, hence four questions should be asked, the first being the time commitment which simply asks how many hours they can pledge to the program per week. The next commitment is the decision commitment which simply begs to ask the question of whether they are ready or not to commit to the program.

    The resources commitment is the next on the list and what this asks is whether the prospect is able to invest financially in the program. And the last commitment is whether they are willing to learn something for the sole purpose of their own progression. Without this, there is no way they can accumulate the knowledge necessary to get them out of whatever condition they might be going through.

    The next step to take is to make the prospects realize what they will be getting out of the product or program if they make the purchase. When finalizing the sale, make the participant sell himself on why he should be accepted for the program. By using this approach, you are getting the prospect to think you are letting him buy the program or product which works a lot better compared to asking for the sale.

    By asking for the sale, you will be making it seem like you are like every other salesperson and just looking to make a quick buck. But by making it seem exclusive, this arouses their curiosity and makes them want to get into the program. After he responds, the next and final step is to take his credit card information and finalize the step.

    When it comes to high-ticket products, coaching or consulting programs, there are people who wouldn’t be fit or willing to go all the way with the purchase. It is important to pick out this class of people immediately instead of wasting time and resources on them which could be spent on the serious buyers who are willing to purchase the product.

    Remember, these two scripts are to be enacted or implemented by two separate individuals who are experienced with your sales process.

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