• Implementing The Script For The Product Launch Funnel

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    There are several strategies you can go about implementing for the product funnel, but a particular kind exists which has been proven effective and versatile meaning it can be used for different businesses. A sequence of videos can be released before the actual launch date of the product to pre-frame the prospects and build their anticipation.

    The landing page is where the videos will be presented, the videos act as a demonstration of what value you will be proffering through the product. The objective is to pre-sell the product, hence, there must be enough value and content contained on the landing page to convince them of what you have in store for them.

    You can use this series of videos to build a relationship with the target audience so that by the end of the sales pitch, they will be ready to make the buying decision. There are four videos involved in this particular sales strategy and they include:

         Video #1 – Wow and How

    This particular video is where you ‘wow’ the audience by introducing your big idea and then proceed to show them the way you and others are making use of the concept in your favor. This helps you arouse their curiosity and generate interest in what you have for them.

    Scripting this video entails having and telling them about the One Thing, which is the valuable content you make a promise to deliver to the target audience. The next step to take is to kill any doubt or objections to the target audience’s part. This part involves guaranteeing the prospects of the value you have for them and alleviate any fears they might be experiencing.

    The next thing to do is to show them that the product produces favorable results by telling stories and providing case studies. This convinces them and helps build credibility and trust between you and your target audience. The next thing after this is to then get them excited about the second video in the sequence.

         Video #2 – Transformational Education

    This is another video in the sequence, and what this one points to is guiding your target audience through the process and letting them know what the process actually is like. Basically, it’s just a well-detailed guide letting the prospects know what the whole process is about.

    The first thing you want to do is let them know that even though you believe that they can figure out the whole process on their own, you care enough to let them know what to do so they wouldn’t make a mistake along the line. Then the next thing is to show them a brief review of all the steps involved in the process.

    Another step to take after that is to then show them the proof that the whole process works by giving them successful results, case studies or any other form of proof which can help convince them even further about the legitimacy of the whole thing.
    The next thing to do is to get them excited about the next video available in the sequence.

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