• Real-World Examples of Sales Funneling

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    A lot of brands or businesses make use of well-structured sales funnels in an effort to drive their sales and generate more cash flow. Sales funnels have a strong presence as they are easy to find online and this is what every platform online so that consumers canfind them easily and then be moved through the funnel.

    Every top companies and brands makes use of sales funneling to engage and guide their prospective customers in order to develop their client base. Here are some of the best funnels on the Internet:

    This is a top music application and website that allows you to stream any song on demand for free and, for a premium subscription, gives you access to other features that benefit the consumer, artiste and the Spotify platform itself. There is a lot of competition in this niche of business, with other brand giants like Apple and Amazon invested in the music streaming industry.

    Offering valuable features and services for free as well as a high-quality platform helps them gain a competitive edge in the market. However, to access their services, the app asks for your basic contact information like your name and email address.

    This is a prime example of using incentives to lock down prospects and add them to the client base.

    This is an established e-commerce platform that gives consumers access to great deals, by charging local merchants a fee to list their deals for subscribers to shop through. When you get to a deal you want to purchase, a Call-To-Action pops up for you to sign up with your email address. Groupon has follow-up offers, which are based on the customer’s preferences, to get them to keep patronizing the service.

    This is an online tracking software for professional use, it is a web-based software with invoicing and timesheet features with simple but valuable user experience. It has collaborative features that allow teams to make use of it for project purposes and allows them to track time effectively. They have a sales funnel that offers prospects a 30-day trial use in exchange for their basic contact information and as soon as the trial period is over, they can decide to renew the service or cancel it. In addition to their valuable services being offered to users, the incentive they offer subscribers at first makes them have a competitive edge in the market.

    This is one of the best knownemail auto responders available for businesses and brands to make use of. They help in delivering large quantities of emails to subscribers easily without the task being done manually by marketers which helps in saving time and resources. There are free and premium packages for all to take advantage of its value. To make use of this service, the basic contact information of the consumer is required for sign-up.

    Use of MailChimp is free until your subscriber list exceeds the freemium package level, then a subscription to the paid package at a reasonable charge would be required.

    These are just a handful of the many brands and businesses making use of sales funnel to attract and convert prospects. If your sales funnel isn’t as effective in turning prospects, you can make reference to some of the brands mentioned above to build and optimize your sales funnel.

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