• Reverse Engineering A Successful Funnel

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    Sales funnel have been successful for many brands and businesses which makes it all the more compelling to use it to generate sales through your target audience. Before moving into what can be learned through all the successful examples we can reference, the idea of reverse-engineering something means examining and tracing the steps involved in a process with the intent of recreating it.

    In this context, we are referring to taking an already successful campaign and retracing the steps involved in making it work. It can often prove arduous to generate traffic through your process. Instead of working very hard to get that traffic, we can work smart and reverse-engineer the process of successful campaigns to find out where they get their traffic from and how to tap into that resource of traffic.

    There are steps to take when to figure out and find all the resourceful information that comes with successful campaigns. Here are the steps you can take to figure them out:

         Identify your Competitors: Whether direct or indirect competitors, you need to start looking where they are because your customers can be found where your competitors’ customers are. Your direct competitors are those brands or companies selling products or services similar to what you’re proffering. This means you and this group of people are targeting the same audience or demographic. While indirect competitors are brands or businesses selling something different from what you proffer but are targeting the same audience as you. Making this competitive research holds a lot of potential and opportunities you can take advantage of.

    Make a list of these direct and indirect competitors as well as their landing page web links. You can make a search on Google to get an idea of these competitors if you don’t know who they are.

         Analyze their Actions: Online tools can then be made use of to analyze the traffic sources, the demographics visiting their websites, of your competitors. Such tools include Serpstat, SEMrush, SEO PowerSuite, SimilarWeb, and several others which can be used to examine these traffic sources, and check the sites where your ads are being run. The software can also be used to analyze some other information as well as the duration of each ad being promoted and when they were first viewed by prospects.  An ad with a longer duration means the ad is working and they are, for the most part, high-converters of prospects which in turn helps optimize sales.

    The ads that work best for your competitors can then be used to design the ads you’ll make use of in your sales funnel. Purchasing your competitor’s product to analyze the up-sells and down-sells is the last step to take when trying to reverse-engineer a successful campaign.

    Amassing all this information is key to building and implementing a successful sales funnel that works for your area of expertise. You would then just simply be redirecting the same traffic and more to your purchase your products.

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