• Structuring The Invisible Funnel Webinar Script

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    After implementing the Magic Bullet webinar registration script properly, you are sure to convert some, if not all, of the traffic that comes across the sales letter. After the leads register for the webinar, the next thing is to deliver on the webinar itself.

    Just like the structuring the script for the sales letter that got them to register for the event, the webinar also needs proper scripting for you to be able to deliver on the value promised to the leads. If the value of the content isn’t guaranteed, there won’t be any assurance that they won’t eventually opt-out of paying at the end of the webinar.

    The first thing to do is to remind the leads all about the offer as well as the rules you set in the sales letter. This means letting them know that they need to watch the content till the end for them to get access to the email address they can use to opt-out of paying if they don’t like the content.

    You should also recap on what value they’ll be getting for the duration of the webinar. The next step to take is to start delivering on the content promised, and the value of the content must be of high-quality in order to sway their minds.

    Each part of the content must be carefully structured and branded well for delivery, the first thing is to name each section of the content. You can name the content by giving it something catchy that the leads can easily retain or remember.

    A story with a relatable plot can be used to express your idea or concept to the leads for them to be able to bond with what you have to say well. The next thing after that is to explain your concept in detail to the participants of the webinar.

    You can use examples or case studies to show how the concept works in a real-life setting. This helps validate your points and prove that the system works. After passing across the entire content to the leads, the next thing is to recap what you just finished teaching.

    You should also help the leads realize the worth of the content after it has been implemented. The revenue they will generate and how much time they could save by making use of the content should be highlighted for them to see the value in what you’re proffering.

    All the other benefits that come with the package should also be highlighted for them to know the actual worth of the content. You can then let the leads decide for themselves if the value of the content was worth the price and provide the secret email address they can message if they feel otherwise.

    You can also offer personalized help in setting up the processes involved, you can close this by placing a Call-To-Action (CTA) for the leads to proceed with attaining the personalized help. Whether it’s free or paid coaching, make sure there is an application page where they can proceed to the platform where they can get the package.

    The invisible webinar is a great resource to use to get the leads to ascend up your Value Ladder whilst building trust and a relationship with them by making use of your Attractive Character.

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