• Structuring The Sales Webinar

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    Properly structuring your webinar is crucial to converting the leads, a webinar is divided into three parts: introduction, content, and conclusion (sales pitch). Each of these sections requires attention and proper scripting.

    This part is where you familiarize the prospects with yourself and your business to establish a certain level of trust. The next thing is to briefly inform them about what they are about to get within the duration of the webinar. Another thing is to provide the prospects with a reason to watch till the end of the webinar, could be a giveaway or something else of value.

    Inform the participants to get rid of all distractions and pay full attention to the webinar because every detail contained in it is important and crucial to be noted. Also, inform the prospects why you are certified to speak on the subject or topic. This helps credibility with the participants viewing the webinar. The next step to take is to let the prospects know about the benefits or value they are about to obtain from the webinar in a detailed manner.

         The Content:
    This is where the main information on the webinar promised to the participants is provided. The core content of the webinar and the reason why the prospects signed up to view the webinar is provided here. Every part of this content should be proffered in a descriptive or detailed manner. You can also use this part to bond the prospects with your Attractive Character.

    This points to the end of the webinar and the duration of this section should last at least ten minutes or more. A key factor to consider is that the prospects always remember the last thing you show them on the presentation, and if the price of the offer is not worth what they remember last from the video, then they won’t purchase what you have to give them.

    The thing you want to do is to keep recapping all the benefits that have been said even when you are about to introduce a new bonus or benefit. Make sure you list out all the benefits that come with the offer at the end of the video just before you announce the price. The next thing to do is to convince the viewers that the product is worth the price.

    The way to generate revenue is through sales and without leads, there won’t be any sales. To properly capture leads, you need a well-functioning sales funnel that nurtures the leads effectively so they can eventually make the buying decision.

    To ensure more people check out the webinar, make sure the ads are relatable and something the prospects can connect with. Or else, they won’t be interested in your webinar or even what you have to say.

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