• The High-ticket, Three-step Application Funnel

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    This backend funnel is quite an easy process that can be used to qualify as well as pre-frame the potential leads, particularly high-ticket service, consulting, or coaching clients. These high-ticket services or products are delicate and much more expensive than any of the other products which have been proffered by you so far, so getting the prospects to purchase requires a bit more attention and planning.

    There are three steps you can use to drive them into making the buying decision all of which require proper structuring and detailing. The steps include:

         #1 :
    A simple page with a successful case study video detailing all the results you have to proffer your customers once they accept the coaching you’re offering them. The video is free and as soon as the prospects are done viewing it, you provide them with a Call-To-Action, preferably a button, somewhere on the age and they are then directed to an application that is simply designed to pre-qualify them as high potential prospects.

         #2 :
    You then provide these potential prospects with a full application, which is there for two reasons. The first is to help you, the salesperson, know more about the applicant’s business which simply means knowing the position they are in right now and what future business objectives they might have.

    You can make use of this application stage to discern the ready prospects from the ones who aren’t. Basically, the application is there to pre-sell the program you have to the prospect.

         #3 :
    The next thing is to provide instructions on a homework page that the applicants can follow to further bond with your Attractive Character. Another step you can take is to provide a series of videos for the applicants to go through, all of which are created to further influence the applicants to purchase the high-ticket program or service you’re proffering. These videos serve to help you build your credibility and also increase the trust the prospects have for you.

    Another thing the homework page offers the applicants is a way for them to contact you. There might be some hyperactive buyers amongst these applicants and providing a way for them to make direct contact with you is key to converting them into sales.

    Doing all of these steps and more helps solidify your position as an expert with experience and all the buyers sometimes need is an assurance that the seller knows what they are doing. The more you streamline your sales processes, the more effective they become in driving sales and converting most of your traffic.

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