• The One-Time-Offer Script (OTO Script)

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    This offer basically entails giving your buyers the chance to procure a high-value product at a discounted price. The offer isn’t a regular one, it serves the purpose of upselling your buyers and getting them to ascend up your Value Ladder.

    It’s special and an opportunity for the buyers because they won’t come across the offer again and they need to make the buying decision almost immediately. The product being offered must be one of high-value for the buyers to be convinced of its worth.

    The OTO is a remarkably powerful sales tactic that can be used to optimize revenue and profit generation in any business specialty. The offer should be made immediately after the first purchase and the price ranges between ninety-seven dollars to two thousand or more.

    To make sure the buyers purchase the second offer, the OTO, the offer has to be well-structured. You can make use of some key steps or rules to guide you when building one, they include:

         Diversify your offers: Make sure to change the product being offered to the buyers this time around because it would be unwise to proffer identical products that serve the same purpose. The buyers would have already secured a solution to their problem through the first product, the thing to do now would be to offer them another product that serves another purpose. The idea is to upsell them, therefore trying to convince them to pay more for a product that has the exact same use as the one they just purchased would be inconceivable.

         Don’t sell a random product: You must ensure that the product being offered should be related to the one they are about to purchase, Related! Not the exact same thing. Without a connection between both products, you could lose the buyer’s interest in what you have to offer.

    You can offer them the next product the buyer can use to better reach his goals. This makes the buyers more interested in you and what you have to say because you’re offering beneficial products to them. You could also offer them a product that acts as an accessory to the first product they are purchasing or something that further augments the benefit or value of the first product.

    You could also offer direct help from you to the buyers, this is another way to upsell them because they would be getting direct access to you and your knowledge.

    The OTO script should be used well or else you risk losing your buyer and the transaction. There are certain elements that you should take note of while implementing an OTO.  The initial purchase should always be confirmed before making the OTO to the buyer but the sales loop should be kept open in the language you use.

    This makes the buyers curious about what else you have to offer them. You should congratulate the buyers on making the purchase and let them know why. You can also ask the buyers a question if they would like to increase the effectiveness of the results and let them know the OTO is exclusive and special, a one-time thing.

    Letting the buyers know about a very important benefit that the product serves them is also crucial. Adding a Call-To-Action (CTA) is also important because this how the buyers would be able to purchase the offer. Using this script will help you lead the buyers up your Value Ladder much faster and secure maximum conversions.

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