• What Is The Continuity Funnel?

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    This frontend funnel is structured to create a reliable source of recurring revenue for your brand or business with an aim to capture prospects with an interest in what you have to proffer. This is something you have to keep offering your prospects until they make the buying decision.

    There are ways to implement this simple frontend funnel for every business and it’s highly essential for every business because this is a way to generate income regularly. Continuity basically means customers getting access to your product by paying on a regular basis, whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly.

    The continuity funnel is implemented right after the prospects have been led through the Two-Step or Self-Liquidating funnel and then the Soap Opera Sequence. As soon as they’ve tested and trusted your product, most of the clients would continue making use of it.

    There are many types of continuity funnels, depending on what you have to give the customers. It could be retainers, VIP offers, or subscriptions all of which go on for a limited or unlimited amount of time. The funnel can be used either as a frontend type to generate leads or as a second funnel in your program sequence after you’ve given them the opportunity to connect with your Attractive Character.

    To structure the offer, you have to figure out what active members will be getting and what the pricing structure will be like. Then you can start creating the pages in the funnel using the same scripts you’ve already created.

    The Who, What, Why, How as well as the Star, Story, Solution scripts can be used to sell continuity, it depends on you figure out which works best for your product by testing both on the buyers.

    Ensure the funnel flows well for people to connect and relate with your offer well. A proper description of the product or services is crucial to get the customers to agree with what you have to give them.

    The Continuity funnel model works for all industries and businesses and can be used to optimize your sales and profit generation. This is because you will be creating revenue at regular intervals.

    Buyers won’t mind subscribing to your product or service as long as you proffer products of high value. Adding that to the fact buyers often forget to unsubscribe, you have a very reliable source of revenue and profit. Using a sales model that gives access to a one-time source of revenue isn’t very profitable, rather making the product available on a regular basis is the way to increase your profit margins.

    Continuity funnels are being implemented all around you and you might even be on one yourself. Some examples include software products, streaming services, or professional hire services.

    A way to upsell the buyers after purchasing your continuity offer is to create and proffer One-Time-Offers (OTOs) to them. The OTOs are very effective because you would be giving out a service to them at a discounted price but only once.

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