• The Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO)

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    A Self-Liquidating offer is a low-cost but valuable product, price ranging between twenty-seven to ninety-seven dollars, aimed at covering your advertising costs and the first thing you offer to prospects who respond to your ads. The goal is to get it across to as many prospects as possible to build your reputation and credibility.

    You need to create and promote these products through ads you have to pay for, hence the revenue generated from the SLO will cover the cost of such ads. This offer is to be positioned at the front-end of the sales funnel.

    The SLO, when properly structured and implemented, serves to get you into positive cash flow and fund all the advertising expenses you incur for your business. Since the SLO is a front-end product, you make use of it to educate on valuable information that they can make use of. This helps you create trust and respect for you and your business and this is crucial in creating a partnership between you and your prospects for long-lasting retention.

    Unlike the Free-Plus shipping offer which makes you lose money as a front-end offer with the upsells on it serving as the only way through which you can make the money back or profit. The SLO itself covers any costs and you could even make a profit before you make any upsells.

    However, you might not make a profit immediately, but you will be able to obtain a lot of leads and convert most of them to making a purchase form you. Most marketers just sell their products without building a connection with the prospects.

    You need to sell your information products to educate them and acquire fast revenue and the prospects will sell themselves on your primary product. And as long as the product is full of value, the prospects will appreciate the value and eventually develop a trust for you.

    After giving the prospects a lead magnet like free eBook, whitepaper, report or any other item of value to get them to subscribe to your mailing list. The next page they should be redirected to is the SLO page, where your core product awaits them. The SLO could be a physical product, online course, or whatever your main product is depending on your brand or business.

    A script is used to convince the prospects to go with this offer and it needs to be well-structured or else they won’t feel comfortable procuring the offer. The Star, Story, Solution script exists to serve this purpose.

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