• The Seven Phases Of An Effective Funnel

    When it comes to creating a successful sales funnel with high conversion rates, utilizing these seven phases of the funnel in your sales strategy is highly important. Each and every one of them plays its role in moving your prospects through the sales funnel. The seven phases of the funnel are:

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         Phase One – Determine Traffic Temperature: There are three kinds of online traffic, Hot, Warm, and Cold. Each of them differs in their own way and how you handle each of them is different. The temperature depends on where the prospect is within the product-awareness continuum. Prospects are either problem-aware, desire-aware, or product-aware and where they stand in these three determines the temperature of traffic they fall in.

    Cold Traffic points to the kind of prospects that don’t know about you and the products or services you proffer. Pre-framing ads on various mediums help in converting this kind of traffic because they don’t know what you proffer or whether you can be trusted.

    Warm Traffic refers to those prospects that don’t know you but are associated with people who you know. Having affiliates, referrals and joint-venture collaborators is important in tapping this kind of traffic.

    Hot Traffic is the category of prospects who are product-aware and know who you are through an established communication. Using your Attractive Character to communicate with this kind of prospect is essential in influencing their buying decision.

    Figuring out these kinds of the temperature of your potential traffic is very important in the sales process.

         Phase Two – Building the Pre-frame Bridge: The next step to take is to approach the different kinds of traffic and this is where the pre-frame bridge comes in.

    Building the pre-frame bridge for your Cold Traffic is the hardest out of all three types because this involves prospects who don’t have an idea about what product or services you have to proffer them. However, this type of pre-framing holds the most potential because it can help a lot in growing your business. Getting them into the right state of mind before they get to the landing page is the key to making the conversion work. This means a page, the bridge, they can go through before getting to the offer page.

    For the Warm Traffic that comes through referrals or affiliates, these prospects have already interacted with a website associated with you and already have a shaped mindset about you. The landing page is where to direct this kind of prospects, but a bridge should also be proffered to further influence them. Emails, articles, webinars or some other form of communication promoting your brand and products or services should be sent to this kind of prospects.

    Hot Traffic is a lot easier because a form of communication has already been established with this kind of prospect. Therefore a whole lot of pre-framing isn’t needed since they already trust you and what you have to offer. So you can be direct with your interaction with them, a blog article or email can be sent to encourage and influence them to make that buying decision.

    The last five stages detailing the phases of the sales funnel are discussed in the next article.

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