• The Seven Phases Of An Effective Funnel (Continued)

    Here are the last four phases necessary to move prospects from one sales stage to the next.
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         Phase Three – Qualify Subscribers: As soon as the mode of communication has been established with each type of traffic, the next step to take is to offer an incentive of value, free information on their problem and the solutions you proffer, in exchange for their contact information usually an email address. This strategy helps you discern prospects who are willing to make a purchase from those who aren’t. This helps in acquiring leads that can be moved through the remaining stages of the funnel.

         Phase Four – Qualify Buyers: After getting the prospects to subscribe to your mailing list, the next thing is to influence their buying decision and get them to make a purchase. This should be done immediately whilst you are still on the prospects’ minds. They can be redirected to a page that proffers them a product of value after submitting their email address. A relatively cheap product (free + shipping cost) can be offered to identify serious buyers. If they procure from you once, there is a high chance that they will respond to another offering in the future.

         Phase Five – Identify the Hyperactive Buyers: These set of people are highly motivated to buy something because they are desperately trying to solve a problem they have. Having a set of upsells and downsells to offer them is key to targeting these specific set of people after they purchased the initial offer you give them.

         Phase Six – Age and Ascend the Relationship: This entails moving the buyers through your Value Ladder by offering them something of higher value and price. Usually, you would allow time to pass and let the customers spend more time with the products they’ve procured. A more expensive product like a live seminar or private mentorship scheme can be proffered to the buyers. Also, the kinds of funnels that will be used will be changed because the idea is to get the customers into the next level of your sales process.

         Phase Seven – Change the Selling Environment: The online approach of selling high-priced products can prove to be arduous. While some might go with it, others might not be comfortable with the approach. Therefore, the selling environment has to be changed to be able to further convince them to trust you and procure the products or services being offered. The products can be sold at a live seminar or event, over the phone, or through direct mails with potential customers. Taking this step helps you communicate and connect with them on a new level and this greatly helps in making them ascend up the higher levels of the Value Ladder much faster.

    Analyzing each and every one of these phases to implement your sales strategy will help you convert your leads much faster to optimize your sales and profit. This will help you grow your business and move up in no time at all.

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