• The Who, What, Why, How Script

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    This script is basically a couple of questions and steps to take in structuring your offering in the Two-Step funnel. The offers being presented to the buyers must be of some value that they can perceive and want or else they won’t be able to go with what you have to offer.

    The Two-Step funnel offers low-cost physical products of value, Free-Plus-Shipping items, and doesn’t need too much sales content. The key selling points should be the main focus of the content to build trust and credibility with the buyers. Therefore, it shouldn’t be so long that the reader loses interest and ends up not purchasing the offer.

    A short video addressing the key questions can be made by you, the marketer, and a text version that could be added somewhere on the page as well for those rushing to get a quick solution. After this content, you can proceed to present them with the offer on the order form.

    The questions serve to address and inform the prospects about how you know what issue they could be dealing with and how you intend to proffer a solution to that. The questions include:

         Who: This question simply asks and serves to address who you are. Basically, it’s a short introduction about you and the business you’re running.
    Who are you? “Hi, I’m Mark Daniels, the founder of FuTech Services.”

         What: This addresses your product or the offer you have for them, the buyers. This should also be brief and precise.
    What do you have to offer? “I’ve got a free Antivirus software DVD that’s going to _________”

         Why? This section details the benefits and value of the offer you have to give the buyers and what they could do with it. Its sole purpose is to convince them about why they need to procure the offer.
    Why do they need it? “If you’ve been having issues with _____, then you need to get this software DVD because it will _____.”

         How: This should guide them through how they can get the offer. This basically just informs them about the order process beforehand.
    How can they get the offer? “Just fill out the form after this video or text. Enter your shipping details, and it’ll be sent to you immediately.”

    There are other key points you can address in the video to make them trust you and proceed with the purchase. Here they are:

         The Catch: The thing to note is that the buyers might doubt in their minds about the offer being totally free and might not want to trust the process. Your job is to clear off this doubt and let them know that there are no strings attached to the offer.

         Urgency: Let them know why they need to get the offer immediately to create a sense of urgency within them.
    “There’s a limited amount of copies available, so be sure to get your copy while the offer lasts.”

         Guarantee: You need to alleviate any feeling of risks or danger about losing their money and assure them that they can always get a refund if they don’t see the value of the product.

         Recap: Let them know once again about the product they’re receiving and the value that comes with it.

    Making use of this strategy to build and implement your script will help you convert faster. It also gets the buyers to trust you and put them in a position where you can upsell or downsell them on other products you have to offer.

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