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    My Digital Genie specialises in helping Local Business grow and  achieve their full potential. 
    Our services are focused on three core areas: Lead Generation, Brand Exposure and SEO.

    Through the use of the latest innovations in digital marketing we deliver best in class
     and repeatable results for all of our clients.

    If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or explore becoming
     a client please contact us to schedule a call:


    Finding and attracting new clients is the life blood of any business. We at My Digital Genie understand the critical 
    nature of this and can assist with running and managing digital marketing campaigns to achieve your desired results. 



    Ensuring your local business is the first that comes to mind when a prospective client is looking for 

    your product or service is critical in being successful. This can only be achieved by being

     omnipresent whenever your client seeks you out. 

    We have the technology to create campaigns and 400+ digital assets on your behalf 

    and have this shared  across majory authorty sites such as Fox News, NBC News

     and many more  all over the internet as audio, slideshows, blog articles, new articles and more.

    This omnipresent brand awareness drives traffic from multiple sources including

     YouTube, Google, News Sites, Podcast directories and more.


    Through the use of our proprietory technology we can deliver your website to page 1 of Google. 
    Google is the dominent force online with 70% of any sites traffic coming via searches from this search engine. 

    Getting your business to page 1 of google ensures that you get higher quality traffic
     resulting in higher sales and conversions. Our technology and approach guarantees that you will be
     on page 1 and gaining an unfair advantage over your competitors.

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