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    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0; Lead Generation

    Web Fire Reviews


    There are loads of Web Fire Reviews out there but WOW pretty much sums up my opinion of Webfire. I have been using it for just over 12 months now and it has to take all the credit for my site ranking on page 1 of Google.

    Seriously, you've got to see how easily you can get free traffic and leads on autopilot to any offer in any niche. You can use WebFire to promote anything you want whether it's your product, an affiliate or CPA offer, or selling your web marketing services to other businesses. 

    Dont take my word for it watch the demo of WebFire 3.0 and you'll see how to get results like this:

                   Check out the demo of WebFire 3.0

    Here are list of features that you get when you add Webfire to your list of tools to drive your business forward. There are loads and Webfire has them all:

    Webfire Automation:

    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0

    • You can dominate page 1 of Google for the most powerful keywords not for just 1 spot but for 2 or 3 or 4 so you are the most visible site and get most of the free visitors. (One  WebFire member Tom who got so many top rankings that his Adwords rep told him he didn't need to pay for ads any more!)

    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    • Real Time Lead Gathering - Give WebFire the keywords and phrases that identify your best leads.  WebFire will give you the hottest new leads daily based on your criteria.  So you can literally find people already looking to buy what you could be selling ... and you can reach out to them with a click of a button!
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Real Time Website Rank Tracking - Members can automatically track unlimited pages on unlimited sites for unlimited keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Real Time Ranked Lead Tracking - WebFire will search the top search engines for keywords related to your market and find new ranking opportunities for you to get free exposure on from pages that are allowing posts or comments on them to get free exposure.
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Real Time Rank Analysis - When a tracked page moves up or down in the rankings, members will know immediately.  But not only that, WebFire will analyze changes in the page or search engine algorithms that caused the movement and make suggestions accordingly.  It can even do this across the board from analyzing thousands of websites to tell you exactly why sites seem to be going up or down, and how you can best adapt instead of just "theorizing" what "might" work.

    •  Real Time SEO Fixes - Because WebFire is constantly trackng the results of thousands of pages, the software knows immediately when changes occur.  WebFire automatically analyzes why pages are moving up or down, and makes suggestions to members to improve their sites based on this unique "crowd sourced" data.
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Real Time Spying - Discover the sites where your competition is getting traffic and links.  Then use WebFire to automatically contact those sites to arrange for blog posts, guest articles, strategic content swaps, or other promotion.
    •  Real Time Spying Part Deux - Spy on where your competition is advertising.  Then use WebFIre to automatically contact those site owners to make advertising deals.
    •  Real Time Automated Reports to Members of activity and results.  These reports are also archived in the member accounts.
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Automated Social Media Posting and Distribution of your content.
    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    •  Automated Video Creation - Just add text and WebFire will make you a video complete with voiceover (if you choose).  Then you can automatically syndicate the video to YouTube and other video sites.

    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0
    • Research and analyze new expired domain names that are STILL RANKING for keywords in your market, which you can snatch up for just the cost of the domain (they're already expired and up for grabs).

    •  Promote your offer right where people are already searching and talking about the topic now. 
    •  Promote your offer by stealing traffic from the top ranked sites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 
    •  Promote your offer by posting and ranking your WebFire made videos, or your own custom videos, on YouTube and other video sites. 
    •  Promote your offer to the people who asking questions on the topic right in the last few days.  These are hot prospects who are looking for answer so they can buy. 
    •  Promote your offer via Press Releases that will instantly show up in Google News and be syndicated across thousands of sites across the web. 
    •  Promote your content on blogs accepting guest blog posts that WebFire can automatically find for you, where you can contact them with a click of a button. 

    •  Research and analyze your sites using our Site Analysis tool to see where your site is doing well and where it could use some improvement (and then instantly make those improvements through our software). 
    •  Research new niches to discover what ones have the easiest low hanging fruit for you to snatch up based on how easy it'd be to rank, how many searches there are, and how lucrative the market is. 
    •  Research and analyze the best available domains to snatch up for your new sites. 
    •  Research and analyze keywords in an instant by just entering one related keyword to let WebFire find tons of keywords on its own to analyze all of them for you based on search volume, competitiveness, social signals, proper tags, and just how easy it would be to rank in ANY country anywhere in the world

    So as you can see Webfire 3.0 has jam packed with features. Its not free but when you are getting all this you wouldnt expect it to be. The general Web Fire reviews out there all come back to the same thing and that is its an awesome tool to have in your business and one you should bet getting.

    Web Fire Reviews; Webfire 3.0; Lead Generation