• How to Pick the Best Keywords for Your Bandwidth

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    Pick the Best Keywords for Your Bandwidth

    While most aspects of keyword optimization focus on increasing the traffic on your website, another aspect worth paying attention to is that you learn to limit the number of people who show up on your website as well. After all, if you have too many "deadweight visitors" on your site (visitors who are not making you any money, and are not finding what they need), this will increase your bandwidth, which could increase your webhosting bill, and will slow down your site for more valuable visitors - causing these valuable visitors to leave, and losing you money!

    There are two specific things you will want to do in order to avoid this mistake, and to instead pick the best keywords for your bandwidth.

    1. Keep your website in its place!

    A lot of people use keywords on their website that do not really pertain to the website at all - thinking that this will increase their web traffic from other areas, and will cause their site to be more successful as a whole. But if you can remember a time when you have Googled something, clicked on a result, and found that it has nothing to do with what you were searching, you will probably realize that the first thing people do when this happens is leave the site. Although this gives the site another traffic hit, this hit is of zero value! Rather than targeting keywords that will bring deadweight visitors your way, focus on valuable visitors in every bit of keyword work you do!

    2. Target buyers instead of targeting researchers!

    Learn to use buyer keywords in order to target users who will reward you with monetary compensation, rather than targeting users who will use up your bandwidth as they do nothing but research. In this way, you will optimize your bandwidth - making money off the visitors who make their way to your site, rather than frustrating these visitors and getting nothing out of their visit!

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