• How and When to Cash in With Title Tags

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    Title tags are one of the most important elements of search engine optimization - and when it comes to getting visitors to your site, understanding title tags is perhaps the most important thing of all! After all, the top result in a search might get a lot of clicks simply by virtue of its position on the page, but what about the other links that end up on the front page of a search? If you have gotten your page on the front page of a Google search, for instance, how do you ensure the person who conducted the search actually clicks on your link?

    For those wondering how to finish off your search engine optimization, it is important to realize that title tags are the proverbial "closer"!

    In order to cash in with title tags, there are three specific things you will want to make sure you are doing.

    1. Get a click on that link!

    You can do all the keyword optimization possible, collect all the backlinks you can, and craft a title tag that gets you on the front page of searches, but if your title does not grab the eye, it will not give you many new visitors! Make sure your title tag not only includes the keywords that will bump up its placement in searches, but that it also is compelling and "clickable." For instance, you can use your title tags to mention an award you or your business has won, or you can even use your title tags for promotions - mentioning that new customers get a free consultation, or get a certain percentage off on their first purchase. This is sure to get you a lot more clicks than if you simply listed a basic description of your business in the title tag.

    2. Keep that visitor on your page

    After you have gotten that "click," you also need to keep the visitor on the page! A lot of people tend to fill up a page with garbled ramblings before they get to the meat of what they are wanting to say. When you do this, however, you will risk visitors simply clicking the "back" button on their browser and checking to see what the other search results have to offer. Whatever you are using your title tag to target, make sure you are also using your content to emphasize. Know that people are clicking on the link for a certain reason, and you will need to fulfill their expectations in order to keep them around.

    3. Create a call to action

    When someone visits your page because your title tag caught their eye, and they stayed on your page because you gave them what they were expecting to find, you will be wasting a golden opportunity if you fail to create a call to action by the end of their time on your page. In order to experience monetary success on your website, you need to understand the value of "closing sales." Just as you would do if you were a salesman or saleswoman working in traditional sales, you should use your time with this visitor (as they progress through the webpage) to build toward a sale. And by the time they reach the end of the front page of your website, or the end of the page they are visiting, or the end of a blog post, you should have them in a place where they are ready to bite!

    Keep these three tips in mind as you pursue search engine optimization and work to expertly craft your title tags - and soon you will see results pouring in and validating all the work you've been doing!
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