• Why Title Tags are Essential

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    When you are running a website, the most important thing - in order for you to experience success - will be that you figure out ways to increase your traffic (after all, a website is not much good to you if no one is visiting!), and the best way to make sure you are boosting your traffic is by making sure you are doing everything you can to improve your search engine ranking.

    Most people are aware of the fact that search engines pay attention to keywords and backlinks in assessing and deciding where different webpages will rank, but one area many people neglect, in their efforts to optimize their search engine ranking, is title tags. This is a big mistake, as title tags are far more important than most people realize!

    On every website, there will be a place where you can input a title. And when search engines collect information on various websites, the titles of these websites will give directions to these search engines in their quest to determine how relevant a website is.

    For instance, imagine that you own a plumbing company named "A-Okay Plumbing," located in Des Moines, Iowa. If the title tag on your website includes only "A-Okay Plumbing," you are likely to only show up in very specific searches. On the other hand, if you put something in your title tag such as, "A-Okay Plumbing: Serving Des Moines and the surrounding areas with fast and well-priced plumbing!" you will rank highly in searches for any of the following:

    Plumbing Des Moines

    Plumbing Des Moines and surrounding areas

    Fast plumbing Des Moines

    Well-priced plumbing Des Moines

    Fast and well-priced Des Moines plumbers

    And so on! By simply including these additional, descriptive words in your title tag - targeting keywords for which you would want your service to show up in searches - you will greatly increase your online visibility (which, of course, will increase your traffic, and will increase your business as a whole!).

    Furthermore, you can include a title tag on each separate page you set up for your website (which is especially valuable if you are running a blog!). As you set up each page - or even as you write each new blog post on your site - be aware of the keywords that comprise your title. The more strategic you are with these title tags, the more success your website will enjoy - and the more monetary success you will experience as a result!

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