• How to SAVE on PPC

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    A PPC ad campaign can be a boon or a bust for you and your business - and your approach to the PPC campaign will be the greatest determining factor in whether it is a boon or a bust for you!

    The biggest key to achieving success in a PPC campaign will be increasing your conversion rate. After all, if you are paying $3 per click, but are only turning one click in every 20 into a sale, you will be spending a lot more money than you would if you were able to boost your conversion rate - reaching a place where you were making a sale in every 10 clicks, or in every eight, or in every five!

    Here are four ways to boost your conversion rate in a PPC campaign - and to save you a lot of money as a result.

    Negative keywords

    The last thing you want is people who are clicking on your ad because they are looking for something else. If you are setting up a PPC ad for a website that sells new, premium hiking equipment, you can designate words such as "used," "cheap," and "discount" as negative words, which means your ad will not show up when someone searches (for instance) "discount hiking equipment."

    Mobile phones?

    Another thing you will want to consider is setting your ad so that it does not show up on mobile phones. While some people do, in fact, shop on their mobile phone, a far greater percentage of people shop on their computer. If you exclude your ad from being shown on mobile phones, you will increase the chances of actual buyers clicking on your ad.

    Avoid dead hours

    "Dead hours" will be different for different products, but one example of dead hours would be for you to imagine that you run a website on which you sell equipment to businesses. If you keep your ad running on evenings and on weekends, you are likely to run into far more clicks that turn into nothing. On the other hand, if you were to set up your ad so that it runs only during business hours, you will increase the chances of the majority of your clicks coming from buyers.

    Keep good ads; get rid of bad

    You should always run a variety of ads - with a variety of approaches and wordings - at once. And as you run these ads, pay close attention to how each one is performing. Continually cut out the ads that are doing poorly - adding new ones in their place - until you have a slew of ads that are all securing you a high conversion rate!
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